Heading into November and quieter times on the Lower Sacramento River out of Redding California. I missed a fishing report for October because it was busy and well, great fishing reports dominated the fly fishing web.

November is quieter, but the fishing ensues as good as ever. It’s just that, by the end of October, every angler who planned an Autumn trip to the Sac has been here.

November reports are always about the good fishing and solitude.

The spawning salmon are still here and the fish are eating eggs early morning in the shallow riffles. Peach pearl size 8mm and 10mm are hot.

I have been meeting groups/anglers at Bonnyview boat ramp and fishing to Anderson river park. With recent heavy rains boats have been stacking up fishing from the Posse Grounds (highest access allowing navigation of the river in Redding) in the morning and pulling out at Bonny View.

The river below Bonny View is effected easily by swelling creeks which turn the river brown with churning mud making for poor fishing conditions.

In the better water above Bonnie View, I usually will add a brown rubber legs to the mix after late morning and heavy boat traffic can move the rainbows off the spawning beds “reds” they will seem to key on rubber legs and keep biting into the afternoon.

There’s always something interesting going on.

Water conditions will improve over the next few days and I expect great fishing down to Anderson River Park and beyond. That clearing, green water always puts fish on the bite.

My November and December are flexible, but dates book up fast as good reports ensue and they will.

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